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coeo™(Latin) /ˈko.e.oː/ pronounced (co-ee-oh) comes from the Latin verb meaning 'to be united', come together, join. Coeo Space is a revolutionary search platform where Landlords and Brokers can market their property and be connected in seconds to customers seeking their commercial real estate space.

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Why is it so simple to get information on residential real estate yet everything in commercial real estate is so difficult?

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In 2019, Coeo Space was founded by two commercial real estate veterans who understand the challenges and pain involved in the cumbersome, broken process of finding the right real estate solution. Joined by a couple software developers, a few rising stars and the desire to disrupt the traditional commercial real estate industry, this team is a powerhouse of creativity and industry knowledge. Our goal is to connect people with commercial real estate space, anywhere.

We are re-imagining how space is found and shared.

Coeo Space meets the growing need to be able to market your property utilizing the most effective and robust digital strategies. Our technology enables Landlords and Brokers instant access to market their properties anywhere in the world, targeting specifically who they want to see their space. Commercial real estate is finally accelerating toward digital solutions to more effectively connect people to space. Our technology provides transparent, valuable data directly to those that seek it online. Coeo Space showcases for lease and for sale office, industrial, retail, co-working and flex spaces andworks to connect Landlords and Brokers to Tenants and Buyers seamlessly.

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Those who want to share space come in all shapes and sizes and from all over the professional sphere. Finding aspace can be like choosing a crayon out of a box, so we want to make sure we have your favorite color. Some examples are:
  • Brokers or Landlords, who have move-in ready or “plug and play” spec suites, raw & unfinished space, second generation space, option space, new developments for lease or properties for sale.
  • Businesses, including everything from start-ups, ecommerce, manufacturers, and retailers to Fortune 50 Corporations who have excess space or space to share.
  • Co-Working companies, with available and ready-to-go spaces, collaborative spaces and touchdown spaces.
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